6 Tips to Close the Deal on Mobile Marketplaces

1. Take good quality photos

The old cliché is still as relevant as ever: pictures are worth a thousand words. Most of your potential customers’ questions can be answered with a quality photograph. The better the shot, the more likely a customer will contact you about your ad. Step one is to use a white or solid contrasting colored backdrop; paper, fabric, or a wall all do the trick. Next is to get your lighting right. Don’t be afraid to grab as many light sources as possible. The better the lighting, the more professional the photograph will look. Lastly, center your item and keep your shot as steady as possible. Nobody likes trying to make out the details on a blurry picture!


2. Write effective descriptions

Be as specific as possible. If your item is a certain brand or model, be sure to include that information so your customers know exactly what they’re looking at. Being honest about the condition will ensure a smooth transaction for both you and your buyer. Don’t be afraid to take time with your descriptions. Your customers will appreciate it!

3. Provide information upfront

Let your customers know where you’re located, as that might be a factor in whether or not they will make the purchase. Often times, giving your location and letting buyers know if others are already interested will lead to quicker and more seamless sales.



4. Chat with customers

Remember: customer service goes a long way! Being genuine and polite by answering potential customers’ questions in a timely manner will improve their trust in you and your goods. Allow your buyers to take their time with their decision and keep them up to date about the availability of the advertised item. Ensure that you’re in frequent contact with them once a time and place is set to make the transaction. This will keep both you and your customer confident about the sale.


5. Price with negotiating in mind

As buyers browse different advertisements on mobile marketplaces, they are very likely comparing items similar to yours. So when you’re setting your price, keep other users’ prices in mind. If your price is too high, you may not get many people contacting you about the ad. Expect some customers to try to negotiate, and allow some wiggle room to make for speedier sales.

6. Use trusted services—like Xtribe!

While Xtribe prides itself on allowing buyers and sellers to contact each other without any third party interference, its secure and efficient platform helps build trust between users so that all you have to worry about is the sale. With no commission or final closing fees, Xtribe is as good as any platform for making sales via mobile marketplace. In addition, Xtribe will be introducing XRBT, its very own cryptocurrency that will allow users to make and accept payments through completely secure and transparent transactions. The token generation event is going on now, and you can read more about its launch here. If you’re looking to get involved in an easy-to-use and innovative mobile marketplace, Xtribe is the one stop shop.

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