Your business is none of the middlemen's

By utilizing the blockchain, Xtribe’s transparent and secure platform helps you advertise products, connect with customers, and close the deal, without third-party interference.
Learn more about Xtribe, the blockchain, and how XRBT tokens are making the service easier and more secure for all Xtribers.

Investing in Xtribe means investing in a real company.


To contribute using Ether, send an email to


Xtribe Token Sale

Allocated Tokens: 300MM XRBT

Minimum donation: 1ETH

For support or contribution assistance, please contact

Grassroots in a digital landscape

The heart of a business is its community. Cultivate yours by connecting with nearby customers on a refreshingly simple, back-to-basics app. With the help of geolocation services, Xtribe brings together consumers and sellers by displaying services and products on digital storefronts in your area. Personalize your storefront, chat with shoppers, and answer customer service questions. Then close the deal. By helping small businesses grow in their local market, Xtribe encourages face-to-face interactions and the growth of long-lasting relationships.

Behind the scenes, Xtribe provides marketing services so you can analyze and strategize on how to promote your business. With the launch of its own cryptocurrency, XRBT, Xtribe can secure transactions within the platform, avoiding the hassle and worry of bringing cash to in-person meet-ups.

Selling has never been so easy. Simply take a picture of your product and share it with other Xtribers around you. Xtribe is available for Android and iOS. Download this app and discover new businesses in your area.

Xtribe on ICO Channel

This video is an interview recorded at the NASDAQ offices for the broadcast “ICO Channel” conducted by Jon Najarian and Andrea Porcelli. “ICO Channel” is a weekly economy broadcast which has its studio in the NASDAQ’s offices. Xtribe  CEO, Enrico Dal Monte, speaks about Xtribe’s growth in Italy and USA, announcing Xtribe’s new token for the userbase and its usability on the Xtribe app.



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Xtribe Offices


The Xtribe cryptocurrency is based on the request of our community to have a currency for exchanges within the App.

Total amount of tokens to be issued by Xtribe = 2 Billion XRBT
The total amount will be broken down into three distinct parts:
TGE = 300MM XRBT (500MM for TGE + 200MM for discounts and bonuses)

 Token Reserve = 1600MM XRBT 

Advisors = 100MM XRBT 



This phase of the TGE will be open to the public.

Allocated Tokens: 300MM XRBT

USD Counter Value: $15,000,000

Discount rate: see onepager / email

Xtribe allocated 100MM XRBT for advisors, marketing, and the management team.


The total amount of XRBT coins sold, will be utilized to pursue the roadmap set out by Xtribe and will be allocated respectively to the following functions:

Expansion Plan:

  • Web and Social media: 40%
  • Other Media: 20%

XTribe’s Team:

  • Primary sales force / Agents: 13%
  • Management: 7%

IT and software development:

  • Enhancing user experience: 10%
  • Technical infrastructure & Token implementation: 10%

Token rewards explained


XRBT will soon be available for trading after quotation

The Xtribe Team

A few of our listings

Join the Token Sale

Minimum donation is 1 ETH


As we grow, so does your business.

Celebrate with us as we reach each goal.

Xtribe Founding

Q1 2014

Xtribe Launch

Q4 2015

100,000 Users

Q4 2016

4,500 Stores

Q4 2017

500,000 Users

Q4 2017

Preparation for ICO, Secure Advisors & Marketing Partners

Q2 2018

Presale & TGE

Q4 2018

IPO on USA Stock Exchange

Q2 2019

Tokens Implementation

Q3 2019



Participation in the TGE will be available through contributions made in Ethereum (ETH). Contributions in other cryptocurrencies will not be accepted. The minimum size of the donation is set to 1 ETH.
The counter value XRBT vs ETH will be communicated 48 hours before the first trading date.

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