Building Your Local Client Base Online

As a freelancer or small business owner, marketing your services can be hit or miss. Advertising digitally has become more important than ever, but with so many apps for social media and e-commerce, it’s difficult to know where to turn. When it comes to showcasing your services, you need an easy-to-use and trustworthy platform that can reach out locally to thousands of potential clients. Geomarketplaces are a great way to do that. These are apps, which use GPS to integrate geographical location into marketing, including sales and distribution. In an instant, sellers are able to advertise their goods and services to would-be customers in their own neighborhood. It sounds great, but where do you start? Introducing: Xtribe.

Xtribe allows you to sell your services at the price you choose with no commission cost or hidden fees. Best of all, it’s easy to use and it allows potential clients to contact you directly through its interface and complete the transaction on its secure platform. The process is simple: download the free app on your Android or Apple device, sign up by creating your own unique username for your business, use a picture to help advertise, create a title and description, and set your price. An ad will be created and instantly delivered to all Xtribe users in your area without any cost to you. Services currently being offered on Xtribe include landscaping, window installation, painting, photography, dog sitting, and more.



Users have found success both in building a new business and in expanding their existing ones. Look at what some of these users have had to say about the app:


“Xtribe is easy to use. Found everything from this app. I will never uninstall this app. It’s really very helpful to me!”


“By this marketing app you can easily buy and sell anything you want. This is a trusted online advertising site. Everybody should use it.”


Interested in becoming a part of the Xtribe community? Good news: Xtribe will soon be creating its own cryptocurrency, making its interface even simpler and more secure. By downloading and using the Xtribe app, you will be able to complete your transactions within the security and transparency of Xtribe’s unique blockchain. Download the app (Google Play, App Store) to get started advertising your business to new clients.

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