Market Your Storefront to Thousands of Mobile Users Every Day

As the owner of a brick-and-mortar store, you may find yourself in fierce competition with online stores and retailers whose items are searchable by customers right in their own homes. With such a surge in convenient home shopping and efficient delivery options, there is a constant struggle for stores relying on foot traffic to show off their goods. But online selling doesn’t have to be just for large companies and people looking to unload their unused belongings. Mobile marketplace apps can also be useful platforms for stores to extend their reach beyond their storefronts and advertisements.


By simply downloading an app like Xtribe, business owners can produce highly effective ads
that not only lead to sales, but also entice customers into their stores. After creating a username and profile, sellers can upload pictures and descriptions of their goods for local users to browse. These ads can turn nearby potential customers into regular shoppers through a user-friendly interface and an efficient platform for communicating directly with buyers.

If it sounds too good to be true, rest assured. Xtribe is free to download and doesn’t charge any “variable closing fees” or commission rates, only a small fixed monthly fee. What it does is connect your community by boosting advertisements for all kinds of items and services, allowing users to speak to each other directly and work out a sale that leaves both parties happy. Once a user agrees to the sale, you’ll be able to direct them right to your store where they can purchase the item and see your shop for themselves. In addition, the profile section of the app features a practical check-in feature integrated with Foursquare, which allows users to find a precise map of your location, helping them find your store even if it’s located in a large shopping center or on a busy street. With a mobile marketplace like this, you can promote your items just like any online retailer does, while still tending your brick-and-mortar shop.

Beyond advertising your goods, Xtribe offers a valuable service for any business. Through its automatically generated analytics reports, sellers can see for themselves the efficiency of their online ads and strategize their marketing plans accordingly. The Xtribe app is launching full steam in September and its token generation event is already underway. If you’re interested in connecting to your community and expanding your reach to the mobile marketplace, you can learn more details about the launch on their website. Now is your chance to bring your storefront off the street and into thousands of mobile users’ phones every day.

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