The Evolution of Geomarketing

This app would like to use your current location. How many times have you seen this message after installing something new? It seems now that whether it be for GPS, gaming, banking, or shopping any new app uses your location to improve its services. In particular, ecommerce and retail apps have taken notice of the opportunity that integrates geolocation offers. Today we call it geomarketing, and some ecommerce apps use it more than others.

While apps for large chain stores such as Target might use geolocation to offer coupons to nearby stores, others are dependent on their users’ locations to connect them with their community. Where in the early 2000s the website Craigslist took over the role of newspaper classified ads for people to find available housing, used items, and many other services in their area, now geomarketing is making its shift toward mobile apps.
These apps, called geomarketplaces, use GPS location to connect users within cities or towns across the world. With a quick snapshot, sellers can advertise their goods or services and buyers can search their area to either find what they want or just peruse everything being offered. Popular apps such as LetGo allow for quick, simple communication between buyers and sellers. Once a sale is made, a rating system allows for users to recommend buyers or sellers to other users with the app. But geomarketing has not stopped evolving here. New mobile apps are improving upon this current system, making buying, selling, and completing transactions seamlessly.


A new app is gaining popularity in the US for good reason. The app, called Xtribe, has not only helped individuals sell used items, but also helped small businesses gain more customers and freelancers find more clients. It operates on a user-friendly interface that allows for easy communication between buyers and sellers. Even more impressive, the Xtribe team is staying on top of tech trends by developing an Xtribe cryptocurrency, which will improve its overall security and ease of use in the future. Soon, using their unique tokens called XRBT, users will be able to complete payments on the app through its secure servers. Everything from advertising to payment can be done directly on the app, and users will no longer need to worry about bringing cash payments to meet up locations. The landscape of geomarketing is always changing, and Xtribe is one company that’s making moves to stay ahead of the curve.

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