Xtribe: Where Cryptocurrency Meets the Geomarketplace

The up-and-coming geomarketplace app Xtribe is taking a bold step forward. Starting in September it will be launching its very own cryptocurrency, making it one of the most secure and easy-to-use geomarketplace apps to date. You’ve probably heard of the Bitcoin craze, but why would an app for buying and selling used goods develop its own cryptocurrency? Let’s start by introducing you to what Xtribe is and how it’s used.

As a geomarketplace app, Xtribe connects users in their area, allowing them to sell or purchase all different types of goods and services. These users can browse the pictures and descriptions of everything being offered locally and even contact sellers for more information through the app. The aim is decentralization: Xtribe is a platform, which allows buyers and sellers to communicate securely and effectively without the interference of a third party. The introduction of a cryptocurrency, then, is a natural part of the Xtribe vision.


The unique platform being developed will ensure that each transaction between buyer and seller on Xtribe is secure and transparent for both parties. As a result, users will no longer have to worry about bringing cash payments to meet-up locations. Instead, payments will happen on the users’ mobile device during a successful purchase. Using this trusted platform, buyers will only need to consider what they’re interested in, and Xtribe will take care of the rest.


The cryptocurrency is called XRBT and its initial coin offering will start in September. There will also be a pre-sale for the month of August. If you’re interested in participating in the Xtribe token event, visit their website here to learn more.

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