Why Mobile Positioning is 2018’s Best Tool for Small Businesses

Looking back on last year’s ecommerce boom, it’s easy to see what direction the marketing industry is headed. In a study done by eMarketer, smartphone usage among US millennials hit 93.1 percent while GenXers were not far behind at 85.1 percent. In addition, according to Adobe Analytics data, during last year’s Black Friday sales almost half of all online retail traffic came from smartphones, a 15% increase over the previous year. Meanwhile, online traffic from desktops has decreased, making mobile shopping the preferred method of most US consumers.

Besides the rapid development of smartphone-friendly apps and platforms, there is another reason why so many consumers are relying on their smartphones for purchases: the surge of mobile positioning as a means for targeting and analytics. While businesses look for strategies to set them apart from their competitors, the ones that have integrated GPS location into their ecommerce platforms have found the most success.

Some of the most common uses of mobile positioning for businesses include indoor-targeting, which creates specialized engagement with mobile users within a store, location-based ads that reach potential consumers within a geographic area, and analytics reports that are automatically generated by AI systems. The Xtribe team has studied these trends to develop an app that allows small businesses to take advantage of their customer’s positioning. Sellers using the Xtribe app can instantly promote their products, refer users to their brick-and-mortar store, and strategize marketing plans with consumer data reports.

In addition to this, Xtribe will be integrating their own cryptocurrency into their app, allowing them to maintain zero intermediary fees and create a simpler and more secure platform. The token generation event presale is going on now and will continue until September 9. You can read more here about the launch of this easy-to-use app that you can use to promote your business soon.

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